Constant voltage charging rectifiers for standby parallel operation, TR series


Secondary switched series with good efficiency and hardly noticeable noise emission. All device types of this series are full-load and short-circuit proof due to their electronic regulation, their voltage and current constancy is comparable to linear regulated devices. The TR series can be used for stand-by parallel operation for charging any lead and stationary industrial nickel-cadmium accumulators. The series is available in chassis (mounting plate for installation in switch cabinets), sheet steel housing and 19″ rack. On request, we will be pleased to offer you further versions, such as half load redundancy systems for increased reliability.

Standard equipment

Analog A-/V-meter Kl. 1% for the rectifier output Equipment (for chassis version at extra charge); input/battery/control circuit fuse (for 19″ devices, battery fuse by automatic double-pole in the front panel); protective isolation transformer according to VDE 0551; power switch/mains control lamp on the front of the housing; soft start; connection via screw terminals; cable feeds from the bottom or from the rear for 19″ racks.


Temperature compensation of the charging voltage;
3 times switchable voltage level (continuous charge/ heavy charge/ equalizing charge).
Various other additional equipment such as fault alarm functions and distributions.

1. sheet steel housing with front door and double-bit locks; powder coating in RAL 7035; protection class IP31 (higher on request at extra charge)

Type list

Wall cabinet

Combination wall cabinet with bulkheaded battery compartment

Combination stand cabinet with bulkheaded battery compartment and system cabinet base

Floor cabinet

Redundancy systems

19" rack - subrack

Mounting plate (chassis)

Safety lighting according to VDE 0108

Special designs


Technical data

Technical dataConvection cooling
Technical data1/N/PE 230V 50Hz +/-10% (others on request at extra charge)
Perm. ambient temperature0°C - 40°C, at 80% relative humidity, others at extra charge
Installation heightMax. 1000m via NN
Characteristic curveIU (DIN 41773)
Short circuit resistanceUnlimited
Voltage constancyBetter than 0,2 %
Current constancyBetter than 1 %
Power failure bridging20 ms, when used without accumulator set
Radio interference suppressionB gem. EN55011
Ordering informationIf additional equipment is used, the indicated dimensions may increase. If the cable lengths to the DC consumers require particularly high cable cross-sections, please specify. For factory consideration, please inform us of the intended battery type when ordering.


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