Small uninterruptible DC supply in standby parallel operation, series KUGV; according to VDE0510


Small DC- UPS compact series with secondary switched charging power supplies, without instrumentation. Available are versions with nominal voltages from 12VDC-30VDC. In the price-type list, however, only the common 24VDC version is listed.


The battery, which works in standby parallel operation with the regulated rectifier, is charged up to a cell voltage of 2.27V. The rectifier is designed in such a way that it can simultaneously supply the connected consumers under full load and charge the discharged battery within approx. 10 hours. For peak load times the battery can be included as a power reserve. If the connected load is not a constant load, the full rectifier power can be used as a basis for the determination of the unit power rating. The autonomy time to be achieved in this case would, however, remain the connected load related (see column connected load in the price/type list).

performance characteristics

  • charging power supply with I-V characteristic, acc. to VDE 41773
  • full load/overload/short circuit resistance, unlimited
  • mains switch (not for chassis version), mains fuse
  • mains isolating transformers according to VDE 0551
  • battery protection
  • Softstart
  • div. additional equipment possible, see section “additional equipment”

Standard types 24VDC/dimensions

Type, KUGV 24/ I (A)/t(h)Connected load (W)Housing dimensions, H*B*T, mm19" Insertion dimensionsChassis dimensions
2/2,5 55 300*300*210 3/210 180*180*180
1,7/5,0 43400*400*210 3/260 (180) 250*240*180


Other versions, e.g. with output voltage 6/12/18/30VDC, on request!

Technical data

Structure1. sheet steel housing with front door and double-bit lock, protection class IP31, powder-coated in RAL 7035 (light grey) 2. 19" rack with anodized front panel 3. mounting chassis for control cabinet installation
Cooling Convection cooling
Noise emission ca.40 dBA
Power supply 1/N/PE 230V 50Hz +/-10%
Cable FeedingTop side, for 19" racks on the rear side, guided on screw terminals
Accumulators Pb-maintenance-free/sealed
approved Ambient temperature-10°C/ +40°C, bei 80% rel. Humidity
DC rated voltageaccording to design, 12,18,24,30V
DC rated current 2,5A
AutonomySee type list, related to final discharge voltage 1.75V/Z
Voltage constancy +/- 3%
Charging time approx. 10 hours, with simultaneous consumer full load
Connected loadSee list of types, high peak load coverage possible through buffer operation
Radio interference suppression B nach EN55011
DimensionsOther dimensions can be realized on request.


Other versions

e.g. with output voltage 6/12/18/30VDC, on request!

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