Fault alarm modules

Three-phase monitor (AC voltage monitor/power monitor/mains monitoring) DPW3

This DIN mounting rail assembly is used to monitor the correct voltage level of up to three conductors of an AC circuit with simultaneous neutral conductor monitoring. It can be used in the normal supply network (3/N 230/400V 50Hz) and reports the failure as well as the voltage drop to approx. 85% of the nominal voltage by means of its two potential-free change-over contacts. Normal operation is additionally indicated by an LED on the module.

threshold switch module (DC voltage monitor), SWS4

The SWS modules of our company are used for threshold value detection and reporting of DC voltage limit values in the range of 9-300 VDC. Unwanted line-borne interference in the DC range is filtered out by attenuators. The triggering of the message is delayed as required.

The modules, which can be snapped onto DIN rails, are equipped with plug-in connections and bicolor signal LED. The signal is given by two potential-free change-over contacts.

rectifier monitoring unit (GR monitoring)- GRUE

By means of this monitoring unit, a defective charging unit is disconnected from the mains supply in case of a relevant defect. The caused fault message remains stored for evaluation by the operator until he releases the system again by pressing a key. The reset button is located on the module as well as five LEDs, which indicate the operating status of the system.

The card is equipped with two signal relays, each of which has two potential-free changeover contacts.

The first serves to indicate the failed rectifier via the criteria: Overcurrent, overvoltage.

The second one is activated by a rectifier current-dependent DC undervoltage (I-rectifier <80%) which can be caused e.g. by rectifier failure without protective shutdown.

The module is mounted on DIN rails and is equipped with plug-in connections.

Battery circuit monitor (battery circuit monitoring/symmetry monitoring)- SYMM

The battery symmetry monitoring system we use has an attenuator against unwanted short-term interference and can also be used for odd cell numbers.

The error message is made by a potential-free change-over contact and is also indicated by LEDs. Line interruptions in the battery circuit (including fuse protection), cell interruptions as well as asymmetrical or impermissible battery voltage levels are reported. If the battery pack is not connected, a fault message is also displayed!

The error message is delayed.

DC- Insulation monitor (earth leakage monitor/ earth fault monitoring)- DCISO

For monitoring the ungrounded DC voltage circuit, within the range of 15 – 300VDC.

Equipped with adjustable response value, function test keys for L+/L- and an attenuator against unwanted short-term disturbances The error message is made by potential-free change-over contact (2 times) and is also indicated by LEDs.

Processor monitoring and display unit- MPU II

For indication of all desired measuring and display values. Digital measured value display and
Fault indication in “plain text”.

charging power supply module- TRN5

Compact charger module with 12V/24V/ 30V at 2.5A.

Snap-on version with DC voltage monitor, optical and potential-free signal! Power switch and mains fuse!

fault message connections

Ethernet/ RJ-45 etc., on request!

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