Constant voltage rectifier for on- line mode use; series TH, acc. to VDE0510


Devices in thyristor technical performance for higher output voltages or higher power need, with high efficiency and low noise emission. All types are short circuit and overload proof by their electronic IU- regulation and additional fuse protection. They are to use for charging all kinds of industrial, stationary used battery systems, anyway if in Pb or in NiCd technology. They are taken for engine start use as well as for simultaneous feed of DC- load circuits (on-line mode in parallel with battery) of any kind. They are offered in those perfomances „steal sheet switch board", „open frame" and 19" rack (if not to big for the last ones). If requested, we do manufacture for instance also for all other mains voltages or for higher security need in „half load redundancy" performance, with two or even more parallel, decoupled working units. DC- power systems like these are in combination with a solid battery technic a high reliable investment for

also very hard to please environmental conditions.



Technical data
Cooling Devices with a nominal current of more than 40A are usually fan cooled by thermo controller, those with lower currents are usually convection cooled.
Standard equipment
Analogue A-/V- meter; cl. 1,5% for rectifier output (on open frame devices as an option); Input, battery exit, rectifier exit and if necessary support circuit protection fuses (on 19" devices as acb`s on front plate ); security isolating transformer acc. to VDE 0551; mains switch and signal lamp on front door (plate); softstart; connection over terminal blocks; cable feeding on bottom side (backside on 19" racks)

Mains connection 1/N/PE 230V 50Hz +/-10% (THE) single phase; 3/N/PE 400V 50Hz +/-10% (THD) triple phase, (all other ones on request)
Adm. amb. temp.
-10°C/ +45°C
Place of installation Max. 1000m over 00
Regulation characteristic IU (DIN 41773)
short- circuit strenght by electronic regulation
Max. ripple 2% eff. , at nominal current without battery
Voltage constancy +/- 1%

Current constancy +/- 2%
Admitted load range
Radiation class
A (B as optionally)
Order reference Devices equipped with diverse optional equippement, could be some bigger than in standard!


Steal sheet switch board, with lockable front door; double layer, powder plated surface in RAL 7035 (light grey); protection class IP20 (higher ones optionally)

08510131 08510132 03405101 03405102
E230 G60/50 BWr
E266 G110/20 BWru

open frame, for switch board installation                                          mobile units

07107091  07107092 110/60
TH E254 G110/20 Bwru  TH E254 G24/100 BWru
TH D400 G110/60 BWr

Half load redundancy systems
For the aim of higher break down security of sensible DC- circuits are often taken decoupled redundancy system where two or more chargers and as well battery sets are working in parallel. Those separated branches are equipped with switch off automatics for the case of hazard. Under normal conditions all branches are working together simultaneous with half load and for instance for maintenance, they could be switched off separate. If wished they could be also delivered in separated boards

01412061  01412062 07003071  07003072
2TH E230 G110/20 BWru 2TH E230 G110/20 BWru



Type, TH

measurements, case performance
H*W*D, mm

input current,

E230 G24/60 BWr 600*600*300 15
E230 G24/80 BWr 800*600*400 20
E230 G24/100 BWr 1000*600*400 25

E230 G48/40 BWr 800*600*400 20
E230 G48/60 BWr 1000*600*400 30

E230 G60/40 BWr 800*600*400 25
E230 G60/60 BWr
1000*600*400 37

E230 G110/5 BWr 600*600*210 6
E230 G110/10 BWr 600*600*300 11
E230 G110/20 BWr 800*600*400 23
E230 G110/30 BWr 1000*600*400 34

E230 G220/ 5 BWr 600*600*210 12
E230 G220/10 BWr 600*600*400 23
E230 G220/15 BWr 1000*600*400 34

D400 G24/150 BWr 1000*800*400 12
D400 G24/200 BWr 1800*800*400 16
D400 G24/300 BWr 1800*800*400 24
D400 G24/400 BWr 2000*800*600 31

D400 G48/60 BWr 1000*800*400 9
D400 G48/100 BWr
D400 G48/150 BWr 2000*800*600 21
D400 G48/200 BWr 2000*800*600 27

D400 G60/60 BWr 1000*800*400 11
D400 G60/100 BWr
D400 G60/150 BWr
D400 G60/200 BWr
D400 G110/40 BWr
D400 G110/60 BWr
D400 G110/80 BWr
D400 G110/100 BWr

D400 G220/20 BWr
D400 G220/30 BWr
D400 G220/40 BWr
D400 G220/60 BWr
D400 G220/80 BWr

D400 = mains voltage 3*400V 50Hz,G220/20 = DC-nominal voltage 220V,
DC- nominal current 20A

Redundancy systems and others on request!


Voltage free alarms
AC mains fault
DC- over voltage
DC- under voltage
Backup end
Backup end pre alarm (for shut down use)
Rectifier fault (rectifier U>/I>/U
Rectifier fault in combination with switch off automatic against over voltage
Battery circuit fault (battery symmetrie incorrect, circuit interrupt incl. Fuses)
DC- isolation fault, +/- against ground
Comprehensive alarm, max. eight characters, as additiv to before ones

Boost charge
Boost charge automatic- voltage depending
Boost charge automatic- voltage/ time depending 1-10h

Switch board options
Lighting fitting on front door (front plate), as additiv to alarm functions
Lighting fitting testkey
Time function 1-10h
Switch board illumination with door- key and socket
Switch board heating 100W with thermostatic regulation
Socket, for boards up to 120cm
Socket, for boards up to 200cm as supplement
Lockable front door (cylinder lock), wall cabinets
Lockable front door (cylinder lock, floor standing cabinets
Varnish, special, cabinet outside, for wall cabinets/ pc.
Varnish, special, cabinet outside, for floor standing cabinets/ pc.
Instrument- additional; cl. 1,5%; analogue 48*48/ 72*72/ 96*96 mm
(for instance mains voltage, load voltage, load current)

Rod with 2 pole blow out fuse, D01+2/ 2- 63A
„ „ „ , NH00 10-160A
„ „ „ , NH00 „ as circuit breaker
„ „ ACB 2pole, B- characteristic 6-63A/ max. 110VDC, wired on terminals
„ „ ACB,2pole, all current 6-63A/ max. 250VDC, wired on terminals
Auxillary contact for ACB wired on terminals

Backup end protection
Backup end, battery switch off automatic up to 30A
" " 50A
" " 100A
" " 150A
(incl. voltage free alarm on terminals)

Temperature guided charge voltage
Switch board intern
Switch board extern

Furthers, for instance
Drop down diodes automatic
Inverter (sinus and rectangular)
DC- DC converter