Constant voltage charger rectifier for on line mode use; series TR, acc. to VDE0510


Devices in secondary switch mode performance, with high efficiency and low noise emission. All types are short circuit and over load proof by their electronic IU- regulation. Their voltage and current stability is comparable with linear regulated devices. They are usable for charging all kinds of industrial, stationary used battery systems, anyway if in Pb or in NiCd technology.
If for engine start or for any other feed of DC- load circuits, including telecommunication and radio, with these devices you will have a high reliable DC- UPS.
We do offer them in performance „steal sheet switch board", „open frame" and 19" rack.
If requested, we do manufacture for instance also all other mains voltages or, for higher security need, in „half load redundancy" performance, with two or even more parallel, decoupled working units.

Standard equipment

Analogue A-/V- meter; cl. 1% for rectifier output (on open frame devices optional); mains input, battery and load exit protection fuses (on 19" devices as acbs on front plate ); security isolating transformer acc. to VDE 0551; mains switch and signal lamp on front door (plate); softstart; connection over terminal blocks; cable feeding on bottom side (backside on 19" racks)


Temperature guided charge voltage; three times switchable charge voltage level for open battery sets (float charge, boost charge and manual charge); divers further options available. Further ones like monitoring systems, distribution please have a look for "series TH" or contact us directly!


1. Steal sheet switch board, with lockable front door; double layer, powder plated surface in RAL 7035 (light grey); protection class IP31 (higher classes optionally)



05507121 05507122
TR E230 G60/5 Bwr
01509111 01509112
TR E230 G24/15 BWr

08009105 09203111


08007131   06309131

TR E230 G24/*** Variety
02008121  02008122
TR E230 G24/40 BWr- Diesel Start

More Performances

Cooling convection
Mains 1/N/PE 230V 50Hz +/-10% (other ones on request optionally)
Max. amb. temperature
0°C - 45°C, at 80% rel. air humanity (other ones as option)
Regulation characteristic IU (DIN 41773)
Short circuit proof unlimited
Ripple <<1%, without battery
Voltage constancy better than 0,2 %
Current constancy better than 1 %

Radiation class A/ B acc. to. EN55011
Order reference Devices equipped with plenty of options could be of course some bigger than those listed up ones in standard. If you have to considerate long cable ways to your dc- consumers it would be possible to regard this at the order in context with cable diameters etc.




19"RACK, 84TE,
HE/depth, mm
E230 G12/2,5 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 180*180*170
E230 G12/05 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G12/10 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G12/15 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G12/20 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 340*300*220
E230 G12/25 BWr 500*500*210 3/385 470*450*210
E230 G12/30 BWr 500*500*210 3/385 470*450*210
E230 G12/40 BWr 600*600*300 4/400 470*450*210
E230 G24/2,5 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 180*180*220
E230 G24/05 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G24/10 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G24/15 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 250*240*220
E230 G24/20 BWr 500*500*210 3/285 340*300*220
E230 G24/25 BWr 600*600*210 3/285 470*450*220
E230 G24/30 BWr 600*600*210 3/285 470*450*220
E230 G24/40 BWr 600*600*210 4/400 470*450*220
E230 G24/60 Bwr 600*800*300 5/500 500*700*220


E230 G48/05 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 340*300*130
E230 G48/10 BWr 500*500*210 4/285 340*300*130
E230 G48/15 BWr 500*500*300 4/385 470*450*220
E230 G48/20 BWr 600*600*300 4/385 470*450*350
E230 G48/25 BWr 600*600*300 5/500 470*450*350
E230 G48/30 BWr 600*600*300 5/500 470*450*350
E230 G60/05 BWr 400*400*210 3/285 340*300*130
E230 G60/10 BWr 500*500*210 4/285 340*300*130
E230 G60/15 BWr 600*600*300 4/385 470*450*200
E230 G60/20 BWr 600*600*300 5/500 570*550*250
E230 G60/25 BWr 600*600*300 5/500 570*550*350
E230 G60/30 BWr 600*600*400 5/500 570*550*350